Ships Monthly №11 2014 ТЕХНИЧЕСКИЕ


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ТЕХНИЧЕСКИЕ Ships Monthly №11 2014 . The features, written by experts in their field, cover ships old and new, historic shipping companies and their vessels, modern cruise liners and passenger ferries, warships and naval vessels, profiles of docks and harbours in the UK and around the world, and personal accounts of voyages on ships round the world. Every issue contains an interview with the captain of a ship. Read by seafarers and enthusiasts all over the world, it contains a unique mix of shipping and maritime news, broken down by ship type, with sections focussing on ferries, cruise ships, warships, preserved vessels, tugs and cargo ships. In addition to the latest happenings in the shipping industry, the Ship of the Month feature goes behind the scenes on a significant ship to give readers an all-round insight into the world of ships and shipping. Ships Monthly is the world’s number one shipping magazine and Britain’s best-selling monthly magazine for ship lovers. If you enjoy then subscribe? Download this FREE App and it comes with a FREE 16 page sample issue of the magazine for you to enjoy.

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