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Dinosaurs for Kids ДЛЯ ДЕТЕЙ. From where dinosaurs lived to what scientists assume they know about these great creatures, dinosaurs have never been this exciting, revealing and simply amazing!The 7 Fs of dinosaur history: formed, fearless, fallen, flood, faded, found, fiction. Peek inside a dinosaur egg, discover what dinosaurs really ate, and learn how dinosaur tracks are made - all in this awesomely illustrated book!Dinosaurs for Kids shares the unique world of dinosaurs and their true history like never before as you:- meet the most unusual creatures to ever walk the earth, stalk the seas, or soar across the sky!- discover how dinosaur bonebeds are made, and other kinds of fossils beyond just bones!- learn the truth behind museum exhibits and flawed evolutionary timelines!Within these pages kids will uncover the facts about dinosaur history from the Creation to recent discoveries! Let Ken Ham take you on a journey through time to explore these awesome wonders of Gods design.

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